Why are more and more men in Canada turning to barbers?

The question of whether barbering is a profession or a craft remains an ongoing debate. However, one thing that's certain - more and more men are going to their local barbershops for grooming reasons. In fact, at least 20% of Canadian men now regularly visit hair stylists. This figure has been on the rise since 2010, when it was around 10%.

Inversely proportional to this phenomenon is the percentage of men who perform DIY grooming themselves. In 2015, only 16% stated they regularly trim their beards and shave their face without help from anyone else. This number has been constantly decreasing ever since 2010, which was a banner year for home haircuts on the back of the budget cuts made by many companies.

These changes have had a negative impact on the revenue of hair salons, which is why more and more stylists are now catering to men only. At the same time, barbershops are enjoying a spike in client numbers. They can also take credit for introducing beard grooming into their services - 30% of male customers are now asking their local barber for help with shaping beards or fixing up mustaches.

The main reason behind this shift is the fact that traditional haircuts aren't as popular anymore among young people. The days when 20-somethings would go to hairdressers to get an old school crew cut, fades or quiffs are gone forever. The styling trends of today require less maintenance and are more versatile. This is especially true of men's hairstyles, which aren't nearly as conservative and restrictive as women's looks.

In the last few years, a rise in popularity has been observed for cuts such as pompadours or spiky hair, but also loose waves and messy top knots. At the same time, haircuts that used to be popular among African-American people have become mainstream - styles like afros and dreadlocks can now be seen on Caucasians walking down the streets of Montreal or Ottawa. In addition to this trend, wavy mohawks have become a staple haircut for many young guys living in Canada who want to stand out from the crowd.

So what does this mean? Is barbering now just as common as hairdressing? No. First of all, the majority of men still want to be able to use their favorite hair products and go for a fresh hairstyle on a weekly basis. This means that salons will most likely remain relevant for years to come and won't be replaced by one-price barbershops anytime soon.

At the same time, it seems like both professionals and amateurs are aware of the fact that haircuts need routine maintenance, so if you have an important meeting coming up or an important date at night, better take care of your hair in advance!

How often do men go to barbershops?

A study conducted in the United States showed that an average man gets his haircut 6.3 times a year. Another research project proved that men get haircuts even less frequently, since only 5% of them visited the hair stylists once every two weeks or more often.

How does this all affect barbershops?

Since at least 20% of Canadian men have started to regularly visit hair salons, it's quite obvious that they are now equally important for most guys as regular haircuts at local barbershops. The statistics published by Statista even show that the amount spent on monthly grooming services is almost similar for both types of service.

Being a hairdresser isn't an easy job. It requires strength and talent, but also the ability to listen carefully to what your clients want and take their requests seriously. Today's hairstyles include many different shades and it seems like there is no limit to the imagination of stylists who work at hair salons in Canadaand elsewhere in the world.

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These professionals always need to be up-to-date with the latest styling trends and techniques if they expect their customers to leave happy with both style and quality. The perfect professional haircut should make you look stylish, but not "overdone". For this reason, going for a haircut every now and then might actually do you good - even if you think that your current looks are"just fine".

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed that many people experienced hair loss problems, but also bald spots and even alopecia as a side effect from unfortunate haircuts. This proves once again that regular visits to your hairstylist are extremely important, especially if you have been experiencing unusual hair loss or deterioration.

In case these reasons weren't enough for you, you should know that barbershops have now become great spaces where men can not only change their looks by getting a new modern hairstyle, but they can also take advantage of all sorts of other services. So, apart from fresh haircuts and styles, modern barber shops also offer things like beard trimming and edging, shape ups and fade, and even wonderful beard shaves.

Today barbering is becoming more popular than ever and the demand for services in traditional barbershops continues to grow. At the same time, men's needs and expectations have also changed over the years: in general guys want professional haircuts that look great right away - not after a week when they will require another visit to their local hair stylists. Nowadays there are tons of subscription services targeted at modern men who know how much effort it takes to keep up with today's styles, so it seems like we'll be seeing both types of shops remaining relevant for many years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the latest haircuts and styles of modern barbershops today - your new look is just a short trip away!