The Biggest Casino Wins of All Time

“Money won is twice as sweet as money earned”. Most of us agree with this saying, and that is why there are some great gambling stories out there about people who had insane luck. These people have become legends in the gambling field.

One of those stories has everything to do with the House of Barons and also with a popular casino that many of you know: Jet Casino.

When it comes to gambling, literally all the odds are out there, and everything is possible. Your tactic might work, and your life may change completely with a single spin or flip.
Here are some stories.

  1. House of Barons
    Our first story is a local one. House of Barons is a barbershop offering a high-quality experience that John Brown felt to be missing in Ottawa. The story started when the owner of the barbershop won money on Jet Casino - - and decided to open his own business. He won approximately $250,000 playing Age of Gods, and that was the seed capital that would start the barbershop.

    As you can see, it is not like the previous stories of people who made big wins. It is a normal one that can happen to anyone playing on websites like Jet Casino. John was not even a hardcore player, as he used to play Age of Gods from Playtech just for fun. One day, with an average bet that allowed the big jackpot, he finally made it after around only 10 spins.

    That and many other jackpot games can be found on Jet Casino, where there are over 3,000 slots plus table games and live casino rooms. All that fun and winning chances are available on a licensed website open to the entire world.

    Not only in Canada, but also in the Jet Casino in Australia you can find opportunities to win! It has many different games and is as licensed and trustworthy as one in Canada! In Melbourne, a young guy named John also opened his barbershop thanks to playing and winning at this casino - he only played online poker and won $100,000! So luck can smile on Jet casino players in different parts of the world!

  1. Archie Karas: From $50 to $50 million to $0
    The poker table is the mainland of strange tales. Archie Karas, probably the most famous poker player ever, was a Greek immigrant and a genius poker player. In no time, he was able to make a fortune at the poker tables, which allowed him to place large wagers over time. Also, he beat some of the most famous poker players ever, such as Stu Ungar. His record or streak of incredibly good luck was nicknamed “The Run” in Las Vegas. In 30 months, he managed to win about $40 million. However, the story ends in a bad manner since he took only 3 weeks to blow all the money away.

  1. Peter: $38 Million
    Who is Peter? None knows. He is an online casino player who proved that big wins are possible there. One of the earliest stories of making a fortune via online casinos is the story Norwegian who hit the jackpot big online. He tried his luck in one of the most amazing online casino games; progressive jackpots. On his lucky day, Peter hit the jackpot and won 11.7 million Norwegian Krone or $38 million. Most reputable online casinos such as Jet Casino offer big jackpots regularly.

  1. Kerry Packer: $30 Million
    Kerry was a billionaire. He used to gamble because he liked it, not because he needed money. He literally gave $1 million in tips, and his nickname was the “Prince of Whales”.
    Kerry managed to win $30 million in MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas.

  1. Elmer Sherwin: $25 Million
    Two lightning strikes for Elmer. One day, he walked into the Mirage Las Vegas and hit the jackpot. He won $4.6 million. 16 years later, he visited the same casino again, hoping to hit the big jackpot again, and he did. This time, he hit a bigger jackpot and won $21 million.

  1. Young Engineer: $39.7 Million
    Hitting the jackpot at slot machines is one of the rarest events, but for once in a while, it might happen in a big fashion. A player, only identified as Young Engineer, visited a casino in Las Vegas, put in coins to the $100 mark, and the slot machine gave him an incredible jackpot of $39.7 million. He agreed with the casino to split this big win into $1.5 million per year.

  1. John Tipping: $12 Million
    John Tipping was a normal post office worker. One day, he walked into the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas and decided to hit a Megabucks jackpot. He won $12 million. Unfortunately, he lost all the money after that.

  1. Amy Nishimura: $8.9 Million
    Is it possible to talk the slot into giving you huge winnings? Yes, it is, and that is what Amy Nishimura did while playing the slots in Fremont Las Vegas. Amy played for 3 hours, and during this time, she kept talking to the slot machine and praying. The slot machine rewarded her with $8.9 million.

  1. Mike Ashley: £1.4 Million/ $1.83 Million
    Mike Ashley was a famous billionaire and the owner of the Newcastle United football team. He hit this big win, which was perhaps nothing to him. He walked into the Fifty London casino, played roulettes for about 15 minutes, and won $1.83 million.

  1. Beverly Whitten: $3.7 Million
    Beverly Whitten was a retired teacher when she found her own luck in 2006 in Mountaineer Casino and Resort. She walked into the casino to enjoy slot machines. She was playing a slot machine named “Golden Chambers”. After 2 hours, she won $3.7 million and opted to split her big winnings into monthly installments.