A jackpot in an online casino could be the ticket to opening a barbershop!

House of Barons Barbershop was founded in the spring of 2013 by three hairdressers: John, Terrance and Andrew. The two guys played at an online casino. John preferred Fresh Casino, and Andrew preferred Sol Casino. One day they hit the jackpot and finally had the money to open a barbershop.They decided to open one together, next to John's house.

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So John and Andrew needed more money and they decided to go back to their favorite online casinos. John preferred Fresh Casino because he had already won there once, so he chose the website . They won again! This time even bigger. 

With these winnings John and Andrew were able to open the House of Barons.

They decided to give their barber shop a medieval look and feel, so that it would be easier for them to get customers. They wanted a mix between old and new technology, so people from both past and present could come to their barbershop.

They chose the name 'House of Barons' because in medieval times there was only one ruler: The Baron or King. John represents the king as he is leading his crew with wisdom and fairness, while Terrance and Andrew are two knights representing bravery and honesty.

Together they are symbols of might, wisdom, justice and honour! Because those four qualities are what matters most in the barbershop!At the House of Barons you can relax and watch a game at the same time. Behind our barbershop there is a room where you can sit, have a drink and play some games.

Every Friday it offers special haircuts for 30% off. It also provides tattoos, cheap jewelry and suits! Check out the medieval shop if you want to look like an impressive lord! It also offers quests for people who'd like to earn free haircuts or other stuff at the barbershop.

We hope that this description has awoken your interest in joining the barbershop - come visit us when you feel ready!